William baxter obituary: William Baxter, Co-founder of BaxterStorey and Hospitality Industry Icon, Remembered with Heartfelt Tributes

William Baxter, a man with an extraordinary life story, has recently passed away. His obituary video has taken the internet by storm, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of this unforgettable individual and explore why his story has gone viral, leaving a lasting impact on all who watch it.

The Viral Obituary of William Baxter: A Remarkable Life Remembered

William baxter obituary
William baxter obituary

William Baxter, co-founder of contract caterer BaxterStorey and long-standing chair of Hospitality Action, has left behind a remarkable legacy in the UK foodservice sector. His passing has been met with an outpouring of tributes and fond memories from industry figures who admired his entrepreneurial spirit, generosity, and contributions to various charitable causes.

Baxter’s career in hospitality started humbly, working as a pot washer before studying hotel and catering. He quickly rose through the ranks and became an area manager with P&O’s Sutcliffe Catering at the young age of 23. This was just the beginning of his journey, as he went on to found several successful catering companies that revolutionized the industry.

Baxter’s most notable venture was BaxterStorey, which he established alongside his friend Alastair Storey. The company became the largest independent catering business in the UK and set new standards for quality and employee welfare. His leadership and charm played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Baxter & Platts: Co-founded this quality-driven business that won the Foodservice Caterer Award at the 1996 Cateys.
  • BaxterSmith: Launched this competitive player on the catering scene in 2000, further solidifying his reputation as an industry leader.
  • BaxterStorey: Merged BaxterSmith with Wilson Storey Halliday (WSH) to form this groundbreaking company that transformed the foodservice sector.

Influence on Charitable Organizations:

  • Hospitality Action: As chair from 2010 until his passing, Baxter spearheaded programs, including the Employee Assistance Programme, that provided support to thousands of people working in the hospitality industry.
  • Scannappeal: Served as chairman of this charity supporting NHS hospitals and services in Buckinghamshire.
  • Springboard: Lifetime patron of this organization dedicated to improving employment opportunities within the hospitality sector.

The loss of William Baxter is deeply felt by those who had the privilege of knowing him. His impact on the foodservice sector and his dedication to philanthropy will continue to inspire and benefit many for years to come.

William Baxter’s Contributions to the UK Foodservice Sector: A Legacy of Innovation

Obituary for William H Baxter | David Lee Funeral Home & Cremation Services

William Baxter’s name is synonymous with innovation in the UK foodservice sector. Throughout his career, he founded and led several catering companies that pushed boundaries and set new standards for quality and employee welfare.

One notable achievement was the establishment of BaxterStorey, a company that would become the largest independent catering business in the UK. The merger between BaxterSmith, which he co-founded with Mike Smith, and Wilson Storey Halliday (WSH) brought together two entrepreneurial minds that revolutionized the industry. Their combined creativity, flair, and expertise made BaxterStorey a competitive player in the market.

Baxter’s commitment to providing a fair deal for clients and staff alike was evident throughout his ventures. He believed in creating businesses that offered exceptional service while fostering an environment where employees could thrive. This approach not only earned him accolades such as the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Cateys but also garnered respect from his peers across the sector.

Innovative Business Ventures:

  • Baxter & Platts: Co-founded this catering company known for its quality-driven approach, winning the Foodservice Caterer Award at the 1996 Cateys.
  • BaxterSmith: Launched this competitive player on the catering scene, capitalizing on his proven track record and expertise.
  • BaxterStorey: Merged BaxterSmith with WSH to create the largest independent catering business in the UK, known for its innovation and exceptional service.

William Baxter’s legacy in the UK foodservice sector will continue to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. His dedication to pushing boundaries and creating businesses that prioritize both excellence and employee welfare is a testament to his innovative spirit.

3. Celebrating the Notable Accomplishments and Awards of William Baxter

William Baxter, co-founder of contract caterer BaxterStorey, leaves behind a remarkable legacy of accomplishments and awards in the hospitality industry. Throughout his illustrious career, Baxter was recognized for his significant contributions and leadership. One of his most notable achievements was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 Cateys, a prestigious honor in the UK. This award symbolized his dedication, innovation, and lasting impact on the foodservice sector.

In addition to this prestigious accolade, Baxter also received a CBE in 2010 for his outstanding services to the industry. This recognition further showcased his commitment and influence as an entrepreneur. His contributions were not limited to his own ventures but extended to philanthropic work as well.

As an industry leader, Baxter’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish multiple successful catering companies that shaped the landscape of the foodservice sector in the UK. The trailblazing efforts of these businesses earned him numerous awards, including the Foodservice Caterer Award at the 1996 Cateys for Baxter & Platts.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award recipient at the 2014 Cateys
  • Received a CBE in 2010 for outstanding services to the industry
  • Established multiple successful catering companies

4. A Timeline of William Baxter’s Career and Business Ventures: From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader

William Baxter’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming an influential figure in the hospitality industry is one marked by determination, hard work, and success. Starting as a pot washer, he pursued studies in hotel and catering before joining P&O’s Sutcliffe Catering as an assistant manager. This early experience laid the foundation for his future accomplishments.

By the age of 23, Baxter had risen to the position of an area manager with responsibility for 17 sites in London’s West End. This marked the beginning of his ascent as a leading figure in the industry. In 1987, he co-founded Baxter & Platts with Robert Platts, a catering company that quickly gained recognition for its quality and fair practices.

The success of Baxter & Platts led to its acquisition by Granada for an estimated £16m. However, Baxter’s entrepreneurial drive pushed him to continue making a significant impact on the industry. In 2000, he partnered with Mike Smith, a former director at Baxter & Platts, to establish BaxterSmith. Together, they built a competitive presence in the catering scene.

The most pivotal moment in Baxter’s career came when BaxterSmith merged with Wilson Storey Halliday (WSH) to form BaxterStorey. This merger brought together two industry powerhouses and created the largest independent catering business in the UK. The success of this venture solidified Baxter’s status as an influential leader and visionary within the industry.

Key Business Ventures:

  • Co-founder of Baxter & Platts (1987)
  • Established BaxterSmith with Mike Smith (2000)
  • Merged with Wilson Storey Halliday to form BaxterStorey (Year)

5. Philanthropy at its Finest: How William Baxter Supported Charitable Organizations like Hospitality Action

William Baxter Baxterstorey Obituary, Hospitality Action and Chairman of  Scannappeal Remembering William Baxter – eternal honoring

Beyond his remarkable achievements in the hospitality industry, William Baxter was also known for his philanthropic endeavors. One organization that held deep significance to him was Hospitality Action, where he served as the chair from 2010 until his passing. Baxter dedicated an enormous amount of time and energy to transforming the way the charity is funded and how it provides assistance to those in need.

One of his notable contributions was spearheading the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), an initiative that proved to be radical and effective in supporting individuals in the hospitality sector. Under Baxter’s leadership, Hospitality Action expanded its reach and made a tangible difference in improving the lives of thousands of hospitality workers and their families.

In addition to his involvement with Hospitality Action, Baxter also served as chairman of Scannappeal, a charity supporting NHS hospitals and services in Buckinghamshire. He was a lifetime patron of Springboard, an organization that focuses on helping young people achieve their potential in the hospitality industry. Baxter’s philanthropic efforts showcased his dedication to making the world a better place.

Philanthropic Contributions:

  • Chair of Hospitality Action (2010-2023)
  • Instrumental in transforming funding and assistance programs at Hospitality Action
  • Chairman of Scannappeal
  • Lifetime patron of Springboard

6. Industry Figures Pay Tribute to the Late William Baxter: Fond Memories and Heartfelt Condolences

The passing of William Baxter has left a profound impact on the hospitality industry, with countless industry figures paying tribute to his memory. Alastair Storey, chairman, and chief executive of WSH, expressed deep sadness over the loss of his friend, co-founder, and industry great. He described Baxter as a special person with an incredible ability to connect with others.

Storey also highlighted Baxter’s entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, and generosity as inspirations for many within the industry. He considered it a privilege to have known Baxter for years and emphasized the immense impact he made on both his professional and personal life. The tributes pouring in from industry leaders demonstrate the profound respect and admiration Baxter garnered throughout his career.

The loss of William Baxter is not only deeply felt within the hospitality sector but also across various charitable organizations that benefited from his leadership and support. His dedication to making a difference, coupled with his charismatic personality, left a lasting mark on those who had the honor of working alongside him.

Condolences and Fond Memories:

  • Alastair Storey pays tribute to Baxter as an industry great
  • Tributes from Wendy Bartlett, co-founder of Bartlett Mitchell
  • Clive Jacobs, chairman of The Caterer, reflects on Baxter’s leadership
  • Bill Toner, CEO of CH&Co, recognizes Baxter as an industry legend

7. Honoring the Memory of William Baxter: Funeral Arrangements and Ways to Pay Respects

To honor the memory of William Baxter, arrangements have been made for his funeral. Details regarding the service will be provided by his family in due course. Those who wish to pay their respects are encouraged to stay updated on announcements regarding the funeral.

In addition to attending the funeral service, individuals can show their appreciation for Baxter’s contributions by supporting the charitable organizations he held dear. Donations can be made in his memory to Hospitality Action or other causes that align with his philanthropic values.

The legacy left behind by William Baxter serves as a reminder of his remarkable achievements and commitment to bettering the hospitality industry and supporting those in need. It is through these continued acts of kindness and dedication that his memory will live on.

The viral video of William Baxter’s obituary serves as a poignant reminder of the power of human connection and the impact one individual can have on others. Through his heartfelt words, Baxter touched countless lives and left a lasting legacy. This video is a testament to the enduring influence of love, kindness, and the importance of cherishing every moment we have with our loved ones. May his memory continue to inspire us all.

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